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You can contact the store manager (Troy McLees) at: tromclees@myxmail.net

Since the beginning of the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association Store, it has had many managers, store keepers etc. This year is no exception. The current store keeper is Sergeant Troy McLees, aka: Sgt. TM, or the goof ball running the safety education program for the Wyoming Highway Patrol. Yep that is me.

I have decided to give the store a new look. I have decided to place it under the knife. No need for a degree! Since I watch a lot of those Discovery Channel Plastic Surgery shows and have had a couple of courses at WYDOT-U, I think I’m qualified.

We begin with the first procedure. My faithful assistant (Kim) and I moved the store items from the trailer and took them to our operating room (garage), which of course, caused disarray of parts and pieces. We jumped right in after the first procedure to prep for the second and subsequent surgeries. We also made sure all tools were sterilized and appropriate for the up and coming procedures.

The second procedure took about 4 hours and involved inventorying all the items available and placing them in similar piles. I then proceeded to place all the items on the computer in an inventory program list, which also took a lot of time because of the fat little “piggys” I use to type with. After completing the list, we decided to remove some excess baggage and replace it with some new “BIGGER” and “BETTER” items and reshaped the structure.

The third procedure required a pre-payment agreement between myself and the Association. The pre-payment was for those new items. We then decided to trash some items that were faded and unclean and reduce the price of items not needed anymore. Hence, the words every person likes to here “clearance items” and “price REDUCTION”.

The next procedure was to show off the new improvements. I needed to bring in a fellow “specialist” Jay O’Brien (keeping with the Irish theme) to help with the lay out, photos and the new design. Jay and I decided to do a quick transformation to get the items out there. So we created a PDF file with the store items and placed it on the Association web site. In order to do a reduction, we needed to section off the shipping and sales tax, so we could save people and the Association some money by sectioning away the price “FAT”.

We completed the quick make-over and now are beginning the more specialized procedures. We began with a new color and design of the store itself. We made sure the sales receipt, invoice slips and mailing labels were in proportion to the main store look. We then proceeded with the static web look. We decided to use a PDF file and we later found out that a PDF file has limitations.

As you know with every surgery, there are complications and risks. The first complication we encountered was the address. Apparently if you place the word BOX in front of a number or use a second line for an address, the United States Postal Service and computers think it is a Post Office Box and they only read the second address line. WOW! How critical was this infection? Well it was near-fatal; all of our mail was headed to an unsuspecting P.O. Box 458 owner. So we immediately contacted the web guy to change the address on the PDF file. Now this is the PDF limitation I spoke earlier about. Only the creator can make this change. So that meant calling in Jay again. He did some fast patching and I sent the new PDF file to the web guy. Finally, it was changed and working correctly again. We recovered almost every piece of mail except one. We are still are looking for that lost piece of mail. Can you say malpractice suit?

Since those complications, we decided to redesign the store’s appearance on the web page. We began to design a web page that matched the store’s main theme and all other correspondence. It will be easier for me to change, add or correct any problems you or I may encounter. Please let it be known, I’m currently exploring another redesign to allow on-line ordering. However, after so many procedures, one needs to heal and think about other changes before we work on the back side.
So for now, please enjoy what we have accomplished.

There currently isn't an up to date PDF file of the store items. This will be coming soon. Contact Troy for more information.
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