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The survey results show that the public mistakenly thinks the youth drug problem is worse than the youth alcohol problem, despite research and statistics that show more youth are drinking and dying due to alcohol than all other illicit drugs combined,” said Glynn R. Birch, MADD national president.

The NTC offers a vehicle for continuing efforts to better police services to the public. They stimulate mutual cooperation between state police associations throughout the United States and elevate the standards of policing. NTC assists member state police associations in achieving the best possible equipment, salaries, pension, benefits, and working conditions and they provide a vehicle through which state police associations may disseminate factual data.

The industry's only dedicated online news reporting team providing around the clock updates to breaking law enforcement news, plus feeds from hundreds of sources around the country, updated by top editors.

Law Enforcement Marketplace. From our comprehensive online Buyers Guide, to product announcements, online shopping for your agency and yourself, you'll find what you need at the new Officer.com.

In-depth Officer Down coverage. We provide the web's most complete coverage of every law enforcement officer down.

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Many of our case load comes from DUI, DWI, Criminal and Domestic Violence cases.

DUI Case Assistance

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