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She Made Our Day
by Trooper Matt Arnell

Early last year a little girl by the name of Shaina came to the attention of the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association. Shaina Willey, a seven year old girl with brown hair in pig tails, likes much of the same things in life as all little girls, but her favorite is fishing with "Grandpa". Shaina had also been diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia. No child should ever have to deal with such a dilemma or confront the horrors of the various treatments such as chemo-therapy.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol Association contacted the Make A Wish Foundation of Utah and inquired as to the possibility of sponsoring a wish for Shaina. The Make A Wish Foundation contacted Shaina and asked her what her wish would be. You guessed it, "Disney World".

The staff at the Make A Wish Foundation is made up of almost all volunteers who devote a large part of their own time to try and grant the wishes of children across the country that have been diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. The Make A Wish Foundation arranged a trip to Disney World for Shaina that would begin on the 4th of February and end the 11th. On the morning of the 4th, a limo picked Shaina up, as well as her little brother and her parents, and took them to the airport in Salt Lake City for their flight to Florida. There, she was joined by a surprise guest, her Grandfather! They were met by more volunteers to lead them to another limousine that whisked them away to a retreat that was built by Disney World just for kids like Shaina. This retreat is located next to the main Disney World theme park and is also staffed by volunteers donating their time to try and bring some happiness to kids who have faced some trying times. The retreat features magical fairies that tuck the kids into bed each night, each family has their own bungalow, the mayor is Mr. Rabbit, and there is ice cream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The lodging and the meals are free, thanks to the hospitality of Disney World. While in the theme park, Shaina wears a special hat that was given to her which denotes her as a "V.I.P" and affords her certain benefits, such as front of the line priority, as well as other privileges.

On the 22nd of January, Trooper Huckfeldt and myself were able to attend Shaina's going away party in Salt Lake City, Utah at the only building in the country that was built specifically for the Make A Wish Foundation. As you enter the doorway of this new structure and look up, you are able to see numerous stars made of stained glass hanging from the ceiling. Each child that is supported by this chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation engraves their names onto one of these stars where it is then hung from the ceiling.

Shaina was presented with her star and she promptly engraved on it her name as well as her little brother's, her parent's, and Make A Wish Troopers, where it was then suspended from the ceiling. Shaina then signed and decorated a large album page that had been reserved for her and will be preserved in a glass case where she will be able to come back and add designs or just stand and look at it whenever she wishes. Shaina was also presented with a check from the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association to pay for airline tickets, food, film, souvenirs, and other necessities that a little girl and her entourage may need on such an adventure. The party then moved into fun mode as the cake and ice cream were brought out. Shaina was in good form as she ran around the room, climbing, exploring, posing for numerous pictures, and playing host to all of her guests.

Shaina made me promise to express her thanks and appreciation to the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association and all those involved who helped to make her wish a reality.

As for our wish, we wish Shaina great fun and good fortune in the future and thank both her and the Make A Wish Foundation for letting us play a small part in her dream.

Baileys Wish

by Christopher R. Clymer

Sometimes in life, things just aren’t fair. But growing up, you usually adapt and overcome or you learn to live with it and move on. That is just life. But when you are dealt an unfair disadvantage, when you are only 8 days old, to me, that is unjust.

Bailey Williams was born March 11, 1998. When Bailey was 8 days old, Bailey was diagnosed with HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). A congenital heart disease in which the chambers, valves and related blood vessels on the left side of the heart are so malformed, they cannot efficiently pump blood to the rest of the body. At 14 months old, Bailey went through a heart transplant and received a whole new heart from a unfortunate 6 month old baby boy out of Houston TX. Since the transplant, Bailey has to travel to Denver, Colorado every 4 months for a checkup. Baileys prognosis has been good, so good, Baileys doctors say she should be a poster child for transplant.

I was ecstatic when I found out a young girl named Bailey Williams, from my same home town Laramie, Wyoming, was the recipient for the Make-A-Wish Foundation trip, donated by The Wyoming Highway Patrol Association. Besides, how often do you get to be a part of making a young girl’s wish come true?

On September 5, 2003, Bailey, her Father Greg, her Mother Tish and Brother Nicholas, were treated to a send-off party at Godfather’s Pizza. At which time, Bailey was also presented her Make-A-Wish gift from the Wyoming Highway Patrol Association, Wyoming Highway Patrol State Troopers and Wyoming Highway Patrol Port of Entry Officers. Also attending were Bailey’s grandparents John and Sharon Anderson, Brian, Sheila, Bailey and Riley Fritzen, Bob, Kim, Luke and Grace Riedsel, Christina Wykert, the Make-A-Wish coordinator, Laramie Daily Boomerang Press and the following Wyoming Highway Patrol Division "J" State Troopers and Wyoming Highway Patrol Port of Entry Officers:

Wyoming State Troopers and Family Members
Adam, Mary, Danielle and Andrew Zukowski
Dave Rettinger
Lance and Carrie Novak
Paul Mann
Jeff and Pam Baltimore
K.C. Ramsey
Scott and Susan Carlson
Shane Fox
Wyoming Port of Entry Officers and Family Members
Christopher Clymer Mandie,
Melvin, and Dave Lacy
Rick and Kathy Joyner

Needless to say, Bailey had a room full of people supporting this special little girl and making Bailey’s send-off party a special, "ONE OF A KIND EVENT!". Bailey’s favorite part of the send-off pizza party was playing around in Trooper Zukowski’s patrol car. Not only did Bailey get to sit in the drivers seat of the patrol car, Bailey was also arresting innocent bystanders and placing the violators in the patrol car cage awaiting transit to the local jail. And I am here to tell you, I haven’t been arrested so much and locked up in a cage so many times in one night since I was in my younger days right out of high school.

On September 12, 2003, Bailey and her family left for Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Bailey and her family spent 6 fun filled days in Disney World and 7 exhausted nights at Give Kids The World Village in a cottage outside of Disney world in Kissimmee, Florida, where Bailey could have all you can eat Ice Cream. Talking to Tish, Bailey’s mother, she assured me Bailey had a wonderful time in Disney World. Bailey got to meet her favorite Disney World character, Ariel, The Little Mermaid Princess. Bailey also had breakfast with all the Disney World princesses in the Cinderella castle. Among all the activities, Bailey and her family visited The United Kingdom, The Epcot Center, Disney World, Universal Studios, MGM Studios, Sea World and Mid-evil Times where they were entertained for a 3 hour long dinner show. I guess their days were packed full of excitement.

Being a part of The Wyoming Highway Patrol is a great honor. Being a Representative and member of The Wyoming Highway Patrol Association is an even greater honor! Knowing an organization cares so much, to support and be a part of a young child’s life and make that child’s wish come true is very commendable. Nothing in life can compare to the spark and the excitement in Bailey’s eyes knowing she was heading to Disney World. I wish all of you could have been there to enjoy the excitement!

On behalf of The Wyoming Highway Patrol Association, The Wyoming Highway Patrol and myself, best wishes go out to Bailey, her father Greg, her mother Tish and her brother Nicholas. I hope in the future Bailey has a long healthy life and remembers The Wyoming Highway Patrol Association and The Wyoming Highway Patrol are here to make a difference.

Thank you to The Wyoming Highway Patrol Association, Bailey Williams and her family for letting me be a part of something that can’t be explained by mere words.

Christopher R. Clymer
WHPA Port of Entry Representative
Laramie Port of Entry
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